How to Get More Instagram Followers
Published on April 22, 2014

Large amounts of followers are a main goal to almost every Instagram user. When one achieves the goal of having a lot of followers they become "insta-famous". Becoming insta-famous and obtaining a large amount of followers will be easy if you follow these tips.


Tip #1: Make it Public

Making your account public is one of the easiest ways to gather more followers. When your account is public you are allowing any Instagram user to be able to see, follow, and interact with your account. Public accounts will generate a ton more follows then a private account will, as any user can see your posts and follow you automatically. When your account is private, though, only users you have approved will be able to follow and interact with your account, which makes no sense if you are looking to gain a large amount of followers. So, put simply, keep your account public.

Tip #2: Connectivity is Key

Connect with your other social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. connect all of them with your Instagram so users on those other sites can see your awesome posts and go follow you on Instagram. By connecting you are also making it easier for your friends to locate your Instagram, as they can now see your user name and posts. Share your account with other social medias and before you know it followers will be pouring in.


Tip #3: Make it Interesting and Fun

Keep your followers interested and show potential followers that your account is the one they want to see. How do you do that? It is simple; just keep your posts interesting and creative. No user wants to see the same pictures and videos 100 times over; post things that aren't posted all the time and edit them to make them look even cooler. If you see pictures of food being posted by everyone, then don't post any pictures of food. Your followers and potential followers want to see an account whose pictures keep them fascinated, they want to see things that they don't see from everyone else. Make sure your posts are individualized and fun.


Tip #4: Hi Followers, Buy Followers

What's the quickest way to gain the amount of followers you've been dreaming of? Buy them! Since Instagram's surge in popularity there have been a number of apps created specifically for buying followers. You can also simply by followers online as well. Buying followers is the fastest and easiest way to gain insta-fame. Buying is the number one easiest way to give your numbers a boost.


Tip #5: Hashtags

Hashtags are a fantastic way to up your followers. Keep your hashtags interesting, relevant, and short and before you blink followers and other interactions will be pouring in. By hashtagging short words or phrases on your posts that are popular and applicable other Instagram users can go to that popular hashtag, see your awesome posts, and follow you right then and there. Easy as pie. So make use of hashtags and get your followers up, up, up.


Gaining followers on Instagram is almost every users aim. So, don't fall behind with little to no followers. Follow the steps from above and followers will be knocking at your Instagram door.

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How to Gain More Instagram Likes
Published on April 15, 2014

Sharing your photos and videos with your friends and followers is the whole point of Instagram. So, what is the whole point of sharing? The point is to get likes. When it comes to gaining more likes there is a number of different tips and tricks that will have you feeling the love (or should I like "like") before you know it.


Tip #1: It's Okay (and preferred) to be Picky

Uploading a boring photo or video just because will not get you likes. When you upload, make sure you're uploading something that your followers are going to think is interesting and captivating. Take multiple shots of whatever picture you are taking so you can be sure to get a crystal clear good-looking photo, the more options the better. It is all about the quality over quantity when it comes to Instagram; your followers would rather see one awesome entrancing post a week then seven boring plain ones. Also, make sure your posts vary and are original. Posting 10 pictures of your lunch from different angles will certainly not make your followers want to like your posts; but if you upload one appealing interesting post of something that hasn't been posted 20 times before, your followers are sure to take notice and like it.


Tip #2: Timing is Absolutely Everything

This tip is 100% key to obtaining more Instagram likes. There are definitely peak times to post on Instagram, and there are times that are completely dead. Pay attention and do some testing to see what times your followers interact during the most. Upload a couple posts at varying hours and see what time got the most likes, this will show you around what time your peak posting period is. By figuring out when is the best hour and posting around then, you are more then likely to acquire a good amount of likes.


Tip #3: There's an App for That

Editing is a huge aspect of gaining Instagram likes. Take the time to download a couple popular editing and filter apps and then just play around with them. Figure out what you think your best edits are for what and make use of them. These extra apps will help you to keep your posts at top quality. Don't be afraid to do some crazy edits too, turn your photos blue or add bokeh; interesting edits will keep your posts interesting as well.


Tip #4: Like for Like

It can't be said enough: if you don't take the time to be active and like other users' posts, they wont take the time to be active and like your posts. Show your followers that you aren't just a ghost; like, comment, follow, etc. just be active. A great way to be active and gain likes is to make use of the "like for like" policy Instagram users have put into place. "Like for like" is basically what it sounds like; if you like someone's post they will like yours back and vice versa. A great way to let your followers know that you are up for a "like for like" is to put it in the bio on your account. Being active and letting other users know that you will return the favor is a guaranteed way to gain more likes.


Likes are essential part of Instagram's popularity. Without likes and other interactions there would be no point in posting for all the world to see. So, it goes without saying that, for Instagram users, the more likes the better.

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Can Instagram Make Art?
Published on April 1, 2014

Instagram has gotten a bad rap as the social networking platform for white girls and hipsters to publish meaningless photographs with faux-artsy filters. Largely, the stereotype isn't far from true—the site is flooded with pictures of meals, cats and duck-faced selfies. However, a recent trend has shown that Instagram can be used effectively by a completely different demographic: aspiring artists.

Photographer Theron Humphrey once made his living selling pictures to magazines, but he now lives solely off his artwork—which  began on Instagram. While road tripping around the country, Theron snapped pictures of his dog, a coonhound named Maddie, posed precariously on different objects with his smartphone and uploaded them to his blog, "Maddie on Things." With one book published and another in the works, Theron continues to take pictures of Maddie using his smartphone… along with more traditional photographic equipment. Still, it is important to note that Theron and Maddie got their start on Instagram, along with many other up-and-coming visual artists.

Non-photographers are also taking advantage of the 150 million monthly Instagram users. Fibers artist Olek (nee Agata Oleksiak) snaps pictures of her latest projects—gargantuan and intricate crochet creations—and uploads them to Instagram. More than 18 thousand Instagram users follow Olek, meaning more than 18 thousand individuals have had their interest piqued in fibers art because of Olek's pictures. American sculptor Daniel Arsham, too, has garnered attention for his sculptures because of his Instagram account. With stark images of his mostly unpainted and crumbling sculptures of everyday objects (baseball glove, American dime, telephone) Daniel Arsham has won more than 122 thousand followers' eyes—and hearts and minds.

What's more, it could be that Instagram is inspiring individuals who might not previously have been interested in the visual arts. Because smartphones' image capture technology is so intuitive—the point-and-shoot of the modern era—but also so technically competent, it certainly isn't hard for a photography novice to produce a stunning image on Instagram. The user doesn't waste money and time on film and the development process, so anyone can hone their photography skill for a few pennies on their data plan, and because Instagram is more than anything a social networking platform, aspiring artists have a built-in audience to show their works before attempting to lure any real-world galleries.

Though Instagram was created for and is largely used by the untalented layperson—if the descriptor isn't too harsh—a user searching for aesthetically pleasing compositions and collections doesn't have a tough time finding them. Instagram uses the now widespread system of tagging, so a search for "#art" will return myriad rewarding images. Aspiring artists too can use the hashtag system to their advantage; by learning the trends, Instagram users can find out what tags are most likely to draw eyes to their art. Animals are usually popular tags, so if your art (by some wild chance) contains a cat, be sure to add onto your caption "#cat."

Instagram may very well soon be the best way to find up-and-coming artists. If you have the creative itch, grab your smartphone and get snapping.


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How to Become Instafamous
Published on March 22, 2014

When you think of popular social media apps Instagram is going to be one of the first words to pop up in your head, and when it comes to social media being popular is top of the list for its users. Achieving a great amount of Instagram popularity is called becoming "instafamous". Luckily there are a couple tips and tricks that can kickoff you instafame.


Tip #1: Quality, Quality, and Quality

The quality of your uploads is absolutely key to your success at becoming instafamous. If you are uploading the same blurry picture of your dinner ten times, it is a safe bet that no one will want to follow you. Your posts have to be unique and creative to grab the attention of followers and potential followers. Don't congest your followers' newsfeed by posting the same things they've already seen. Take multiple shots every time you're taking an Instagram photo as to ensure that one of them will most likely be of good quality. Make use of awesome popular editing apps to make your uploads look as amazing as they possibly can. Don't post boring things just because you can; it is better to not post for a week and then post something amazing then to post a boring over done image everyday.


Tip #2: Timing

I'll say it once and then I'll say it again, timing is absolutely everything. As any Instagrammer knows, there are good traffic times and bad traffic times on Instagram. These bad traffic times can consist of when everyone is asleep, when everyone is in class, when everyone is at work, etc. While the good traffic times consist of one main thing, a majority of your followers are on and scrolling through their feed. Make sure to upload your posts during good traffic times and not to during bad. When you upload a post during a bad traffic time you are basically throwing that post away; no one is going to see it and so no one is going to interact with it, which is basically the whole point if you're trying to become instafamous. Experiment with post times and see what hours most of your followers are on, and then post during those times.


Tip #3: Explore the Instagram

This is where learning comes in. To really know how to become instafamous you must really know about Instagram. Take a couple minutes and scroll through it; go through Instagram's terms and conditions, explore the "popular" and "explore" pages, and just see what everyone has been posting. The more you know about Instagram the easier it will be to use the app to your advantage and become instafamous.


Tip #4: You Have to Be Seen to Be Famous

Just like with real life celebrities, to become instafamous you must make sure to get yourself and your posts out there. Try connecting your Instagram and posts to your other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. When you connect to other sites your are allowing your profile and some of your posts to be much more visible and easier to find to those who may only follow you on Facebook or other sites. You need a large backing of many followers and friends to make your instafame dream come true, so make sure you are visible and show users on other networks why they should follow you on Instagram.

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How to Acquire More Instagram Followers
Published on March 15, 2014

On Instagram followers determine whether you are popular or not; so obviously acquiring a large amount of followers is the goal for most users. Do not worry too much, though, as there are a few tips and tricks that'll help you to gain a great amount of followers.


Tip #1: Stay Active

The more active you are on Instagram the more you are getting your profile and posts out there for users to follow. No Instagrammer cares to follow someone who does not interact with other users as well. Sitting around and hoping people will stumble upon your profile will get you nowhere, and it will definitely not get you followers. Interact with other Instagrammers; follow them, like their posts, comment on their uploads, etc. There are so many ways to connect with other users that really only take a couple seconds. Commenting on other users posts is a great way to not only get the attention of the poster, but of the posters followers as well. Simply just make sure to show other users that you are an active Instagrammer.


Tip #2: Make Sure Your Account is Public

On Instagram there are two types of privacy settings, the public and the private options. To gain followers you most definitely want to make sure your account's privacy is set to public. When your account is public it means that any Instagram user can view and interact with your posts and account and that any follower requests will be accepted automatically. A public account ensures that your profile will be seen, it gives users the ability to see how awesome your posts are and why they should follow them. Using the public privacy setting you are more likely to gain more followers.


Tip #3: Connect With Other Networks

Connecting your Instagram with other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter is a great way to get your profile out there and bring up your followers. Instagram has made is extremely simple to just click a button and share your profile and posts with your other social media networks. By using this kind of internetwork sharing you are giving your posts and profile a much better chance to be seen by those who may follow you on other networks but not on Instagram. When you share you are also making it much easier for your friends on other networks to locate your Instagram and follow it.


Tip #4: Creativity and Uniqueness are Key

Posting the same types of things over and over again is a great way to not gain any followers. To obtain more followers you have to keep your posts interesting, unique, and of good quality. For quality, make sure your posts aren't blurry or out of focus; when you take a photo take a few of them to better your odds of getting a good one. When it comes to interesting and unique just make sure you aren't posting what everyone else is, show your potential followers that your posts are different so they should follow you. There are hundreds of editing apps out there now, including editing options right in the Instagram app, so use them! Find the filters that best compliment your post, add frames, add text, do whatever you need to do to make your posts look 100%. Creativity is key to gaining more followers.

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Achieving Instagram Fame
Published on March 8, 2014

Instagram has become famous as one of the most popular social networking apps out there; so it goes that Instagram users may be looking for fame through the app itself. On Instagram, achieving fame is called being "instafamous" and it is not as difficult as you would think. Follow a couple noteworthy tips and you will be on your way to becoming instafamous.


Tip #1: Knowing About Instagram is Key

Knowing all about Instagram ups your chances to become instafamous by a ton. It doesn't take long, either, so just take some time and go through the app. Learn about Instagrams policies and procedures, how followers work, how interacting works, and take a look at your settings and some people who are already Instafamous. Discovering all the tips and tricks within Instagram will help you determine how to create the best possible profile and following experience for other users, moving you towards your goal of becoming instafamous. Paying attention to the place where you want to become famous is key, so keep your eyes open and do some exploring.


Tip #2: Timing is Everything

Repeat: timing is everything, especially when it comes to Instagram. You want to upload your posts at the time where most users are watching and will be able to interact with them. If you post during times in which there are few people on, then you will get few interactions. Pay attention to the times in which your followers do the most interactions; posting things at 3 A.M. may get you no interactions (people are most likely sleeping), whereas posting things at 1 P.M. may get you tons of interactions. It is truly all about the timing. If you were to post the best picture ever posted and everyone's asleep or at work or such and you receive no interactions, is it really still the best picture ever? Don't waste your posts on times when no one will see them. Take the time to learn about timing and you will be one step closer to the instafame you desire.


Tip #3: To be famous in the public eye, you must be public too.

There are two types of privacy settings for Instagram users, the private and the public setting. If you want to be instafamous then the public setting is the one you need. When you set your account to public that means every Instagram user can see your posts, giving you more chances to gain more followers who will give you more interactions which in turn makes you instafamous. Using the public setting you are giving a lot more visibility to your posts. Another great way to gain more visibility is by sharing your posts via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Flickr. By sharing your posts to other social media networks you are giving those who follow you on those a chance to see how interesting your posts are, which makes them want to follow you on Instagram. Plain and simple, visibility is key.


Tip #4: Same Old, Same Old is No Good

To put it meekly, be interesting. No Instagram user wants to see the same pictures with the same edits all over their newsfeed. Edit your pictures, add filters, make some collages, do things that will make your posts standout of the crowd. Downloading some popular editing apps can't hurt, give them a try and see how unique and fun you can make your posts. Also, just taking rare unique photos/videos can help your instafame skyrocket. When you see that everyone is posting pictures of their dog over and over again, don't post a picture of your dog, do something more creative that will get other users interested. Posting original and interesting pictures/videos is one major tool in your instafame belt.


Tip #5: Give to Get

Last, but certainly not least, comes giving to get. This is one of the simplest tips to gain instafame there is; simply follow, like, comment, etc. with other users and they will do the same for you. Interacting with other users shows that you're not just a boring account that wants others to follow and such with nothing in return. By interacting with others you're more then likely to gain those interactions back plus more. It takes two seconds to like someone's post, so do it; the more you interact with others the more others will interact with you. If you wish to really be instafamous, then you must give interactions to get interactions.


Becoming instafamous isn't difficult if you are willing to put a little bit of time into it. To set yourself up for instafame follow these steps and before you know it you will have more followers and interactions then you know what to do with.

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